Founded in 1977, SPIDI is the world's first manufacturer of motorcycle racing gloves, which has accumulated over 70,000 hours of experience in motorcycle gloves so far. The founder Renato Dalla Grana has always been passionate about motorcycles and speed, and he found that riders were lacking in protective gloves. SPIDI's gloves are made of high-quality leather with great craftsmanship, and the first pair of ergonomic racing gloves were released in 1978. Subsequently, the gloves were continuously strengthened, such as adding metal particles to the palm. SPIDI's gloves use internal stitching technology, which can not only improve protection, but also make the gloves more wear-resistant and not easy to tear. In the 1990s, SPIDI began to use synthetic materials to make rider gloves. Later, the design of long gloves made the gloves a low wind resistance extension of the racing leather jacket. SPIDI went on to develop synthetic materials for the first application to thermoforming, such as carbon fiber and additional vents. In 2000, SPIDI used high-pressure synthetic shields, which made the armor more conformable to the shape of hands. In addition, SPIDI added silicone shock absorption under the armor. Today, when you put on a pair of SPIDI gloves, you are wearing the research and innovation in nearly 40 years.
  • Ronghao Xu


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